14 Smart Small Yard Landscaping Ideas (2024)

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14 Smart Small Yard Landscaping Ideas (1)Luke MillerUpdated: Sep. 15, 2023

    Many of today's homes (especially condos and townhouses) often have little or no yard space at all. Fear not. Here are 14 small yard landscaping ideas that will give your space serious style!

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    Leave Some Space

    When considering landscaping ideas for a small yard, remember to leave space. It’s easy to overcrowd things and inadvertently create a claustrophobic effect. Here, a seating area has a clear view to the garden, courtesy of a small patch of grass and some unobstructed hardscaping.


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    Layered Landscape

    An easy backyard idea for small yards is to create a layered landscape – just like in nature. Think of a forest with low groundcovers, ferns, shade-tolerant understory shrubs and trees, and the tall overhead trees.You can do the same thing with your small yard landscaping! Use things like groundcovers, bulbs and crevice plants to create a beautiful layered landscape, while maximizing your flower bed space!


    Walls and Fences

    Sure, you want your small yard landscaping to include privacy, so why not utilize surrounding structures like walls and fences? For this small yard idea, vines are the perfect answer – just be sure to pick one that’s not invasive or a garden thug. Check with your local cooperative extension service for recommendations for your area.


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    Vertical Gardens

    A popular trend in small yard ideas is to garden vertically. There are many off-the-shelf products that allow you to grow plants vertically, such as the wall planters seen here. Or you can create something yourself. Either way it creates gardening space out of thin air.

    10 balcony garden ideas you can use.


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    Hanging Planters

    Speaking of backyard ideas for small yards, here’s a clever way to maximize space with DIY hanging planters made from plastic bottles. Of course, if the style doesn’t suit you, there are plenty of preplanted hanging baskets at the garden center and grocery store. Check out these inspiring patio ideas for small spaces.

    See some pretty hanging basket ideas.


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    Window Boxes

    A more traditional way of maximizing gardening space is with window boxes. Naturally, you can attach them beneath your windows.But other small yard ideas include placing them on a porch, around the perimeter of a patio, or hanging from a deck railing.

    See our DIY plans for a custom 3-season planter.


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    Dwarf Plants

    Growers are continually introducing new cultivars with special characteristics. One of those is a dwarf habit. When considering landscaping ideas, you can grow a pine that matures at 1 foot or 80 feet. When you choose the former, you end up with enough space to add companion plants.


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    Columnar Plants

    While you’re considering size and growth characteristics, think about habit as well. Columnar plants, such as this upright pear cultivar, grow straight up. There’s more room to the side, and more light at the bottom for a greater variety of plants. And yet you still get the blooms and the fruit. Win-win!


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    Trailing Plants

    Here’s another shape that will help when looking for landscaping ideas for a small yard. You can run trailing plants down the side of a planter, as seen here, or let them trail from the top of a wall. Either way maximizes space and softens a hard surface to help it blend into the landscape.


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    Crevice Plants

    Crevices are ubiquitous to most gardens, so you might as well make use of them. Sedum and other succulents such as hens-and-chicks (Sempervivum) are perfect for these spots, which are often on the lean and dry side. They make the space prettier and the hard surfaces less imposing.

    See our tips for planting succulents outdoors.


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    Narrow Spots

    Along with crevices, most gardens have narrow strips that lack soil and moisture. Rather than fighting the conditions, work with them. One of the small yard ideas you can implement is to plant some tough, vining groundcovers and let them sprawl over the area. Use ivy in shady areas, succulents in sunny spots. A mulch of gravel is a nice low-maintenance addition that keeps plant foliage clean.


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    Let’s not forget containers when thinking about small yard landscaping. They’re more popular than ever—and not just because they maximize gardening space. Containers add greatly to a garden’s character. They allow you to show off your favorite plants. And if you coordinate their color and arrange them in odd numbers, you create a dashing focal point.

    Meet some of the best plants for container gardening.


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    Lawn Substitute

    As you saw earlier, a small lawn can be helpful to a small-space garden because it opens up the area and makes it feel less claustrophobic. Well, if you’re not going to be walking on the lawn all the time, you might consider substituting a groundcover. You not only avoid mowing, you also integrate the area into the landscape. With a groundcover, your lawn becomes the garden.

    Learn about other lawn alternatives.


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    Bonsai and Miniature Gardens

    The smallest yard in the world has room for a garden when the plants are miniaturized. Examples include bonsai, miniature fairy gardens, and terrariums. Although usually kept indoors in cold climates, they can vacation outside for the summer in a protected location where they’re not exposed to too much direct sunlight.

    See some breathtaking examples of fairy gardens.

    Originally Published: April 23, 2019

    14 Smart Small Yard Landscaping Ideas (16)

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    14 Smart Small Yard Landscaping Ideas (2024)


    How do I maximize space in my small yard? ›

    For small backyards, position your patio table and chairs against a fence or wall to take advantage of the privacy, but angle the chairs outward to create the feeling of more space. Containers with colorful blooms and an outdoor rug give the space interior-like comfort.

    What makes a yard look nice? ›

    Choose an accent color. Easy to grow begonias add just the right amount of color. Keep things simple by anchoring your landscape with an accent color. Choosing one color for elements like the door, trim, outdoor furniture, and flowers can add continuity and cohesion to a yard while uniting the façade with the landscape ...

    What landscaping adds most value? ›

    If you're thinking about a large-scale update to your current landscape design, consider adding an outdoor living space! Outdoor kitchens, patios, decks, pergolas, swimming pools, and fire pits can all increase your home's value, as buyers seek out homes with these spaces.

    What is the least expensive ground cover? ›

    Cheap Natural Perennial Ground Cover Options
    • Creeping Periwinkle - $1.07 per plant.
    • Walk-on-Me Thyme - $3.99 per plant.
    • Moss Phlox - $4.59 per plant.
    • Violets and Pansies – Seeds range from $0.95 to $2.95.
    • Early Snow Glories – $2.40 per plant.
    7 days ago

    Is mulch or rock better for landscaping? ›

    to cover and budget is an issue, mulch could be a great option for you. Rock won't degrade over time like mulch will, and if your rocks get dirty or covered with grass clippings or leaves, a simple pass with a leaf blower will have them clean again and free of debris.

    How do you level a small backyard? ›

    How to Level a Yard [8 Steps]
    1. STEP 1: Mow Your Lawn. ...
    2. STEP 2: Dethatch Your Lawn [As Needed] ...
    3. STEP 3: Dig up the grass in the sunken area of the lawn. ...
    4. STEP 4: Make Soil Mix: Topsoil, Sand and Compost. ...
    5. STEP 5: Fill Sunken Areas and Holes with Soil Mixture. ...
    6. STEP 6: Even Out the Entire Lawn. ...
    7. STEP 7: Water the Lawn.
    Feb 14, 2024

    How do I organize my yard? ›

    Quick Tips to Organise Your Backyard

    Build a small tool shed to keep your gardening supplies and other tools neatly organized and out of sight. Create borders around plant beds for a uniform look. Install a wall hook to hold a neatly rolled up hose pipe. For a long pipe, consider storing it in a stainless steel basin.

    What might an unsightly yard look like? ›

    Bare spots, weeds, dull color. All of these things lead to a lawn that is certainly less than pleasing to the eye. We might not want to admit it, but no one wants their home to be known for being the 'one with the ugly lawn'.

    How do I make my landscaping look professional? ›

    Layer for Height and Contrast

    Using plants of different heights is one of the best ways to get a professional look. Two layers could work, but ideally, you want three. You can use taller and broader evergreens to create a backdrop and will still have room for planting bushes, such as some mid-sized flowering shrubs.

    What is a good landscaping budget? ›

    How much should I budget for landscaping? For an excellent landscape, plan to spend up to 10% of your home's value on a complete remodel. A ballpark figure consists of $2,600 to $13,700, but for crunched numbers, you'll need to consider the specific project you want to work on.

    Is spending money on landscaping worth it? ›

    Landscaping can increase a home's resale value by 15-20% on average. It's recommended to keep your spending on outdoor and landscaping improvements in the range of 10-20% of your home's current value.

    What is the cheapest landscaping rock? ›

    The three cheapest options for landscaping rocks are pea gravel, river rocks, and crushed concrete. There are other options, including lava rock, which is more expensive, and slate, which can be brittle and break easily.


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