Chicken Soup With Toasted Farro and Greens Recipe (2024)



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Riley A.

Really enjoyed this recipe, perfect for big batches and keeps really well in fridge/ freezer. Lemon zest is listed as optional but without it the soup lacked acidity, so much so that I also added juice from half the zested lemon. Great cold weather meal!


A PHENOMENAL soup that was even approved by my Dad (a master in the kitchen). Changed the following amounts but kept prep the same: - 3 medium carrots- 2 celery stalks- 1 large leek- 3 giant (like, “wait, is this GMO?” large) cloves of garlic- regular sodium chicken brother- Doubled the fennel- Doubled the red pepper flakes- Tripled (maybe quadrupled?) the pepper- Upped the salt to taste- MOST IMPORTANTLY, added a good handful of herb de provenanceEnjoy!


This is DELICIOUS. The only change I made was to use boneless chicken breast because it’s what I had. I would suggest not making this if you don’t want to include the fennel seed and lemon zest. Especially the fennel. It will not taste like fennel or licorice but it adds something magical to the flavor of the broth. I only wish there was more broth. Next to me I will increase quantities of everything except chicken and farro. This is the best thing I’ve eaten in a while, very enthusiastic.

Brooklyn Cook

I doubled the red pepper as someone else suggested and it was too much heat (and I like a lot of heat). Had my own homemade chicken stock on hand, which added to the flavor depth. Used one large chicken breast instead of the thighs, and added juice of half a lemon at the end, along with spinach. Pretty tasty.


What a lovely stew. COVID cooking meant a used a parsnip for one of the carrots and onion instead of leeks, and it worked fine. I used leftover braised chicken, adding it at the end with the greens and added the braising liquid to bulk up canned stock. My stock was salty, so I didn't add any more. The cooking time for the farro will vary depending on the size of your grains. My farro piccolo cooked in less than 20 minutes, so keep an eye on it. The lemon is not optional, in my opinion.


Delicious hearty winter soup. I doubled the recipe and added another 4 cup of chicken stock towards the end after adding the kale.I made a big alteration on used chicken apple sausage instead of chicken thighs and put them in before adding the kale. I also added in a zucchini I had on hand that needed to be used.

Jan K.

Enjoyed the soup - a bit spicy (and I love spicy foods) -- I think it's the amount of crushed red pepper. Beware.


I just made this soup—-totally followed recipe. It was fantastic and a great foil to watching the super bowl. The fennel is lovely, the farro flavorful, and the greens a vibrant touch. The lemon peel and bit of juice made it pop!!!

Donna M

Really great flavors! I used arborio rice(1/2 cup) instead of farro as I didn't any...diced up some fennel with the veggies and added a good sprinkling of lemon zest when the soup finished cooking. Served with a squeeze of lemon juice and a shower of parmesan and the kids were in heaven!!


Easy and versatile. I loved the crunch of the farro! I used 3 chicken thighs, skin intact, and cut them up for serving. I did not remove the bones. This gives it more flavor. I imagine that to reheat tomorrow the soup will need some water added. Very filling and delicious.

Ross T.

So good! I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out great, served with some toasted sourdough. I only left out the red pepper due to small kids. The kids liked it as well, so it was definitely a win. The leftovers were great for lunch too. I have some extra chicken so I’m going to make a second batch!


Good! Used ground turkey, add herbs de province, add lemon zest plus juice of whole lemon, needed 2-3cups extra water in addition to stock


Loved this, made basically as directed although I used rotisserie chicken (added at the end) and giant couscous in place of farro. Was really delicious, will make again but toast and crush the fennel next time for a bit more oomph.


So in true NYTimes commentator tradition I made this recipe and then changed it and will assert it was absolutely delicious. I'd poached a chicken for chicken salad so I took some of the chicken I didn't use and saved it for this meal. I used onions instead of leeks because that's what I had. I forgot the greens entirely. Added chickpeas, maybe tomatoes--thinking it was the other farro soup. Husband adored it. I did too. It's very forgiving you see. Lemon& garlic essential.


I made this for dinner last night. Followed the recipe pretty much except where I used what I had on hand (like chicken breast for the thighs). It was hearty and flavorful. If I make it again I may alter how much fennel I use as that was the dominant flavor.


This was very flavorful. I made it in the instant pot. I love Swiss chard so I sautéed the swiss chard stems with the celery so as not to waste anything.


This was delicious and I loved the taste of the farro. I doubled the soup to have extra for later and the farro became quite mushy. Next time, I would toast and cook the farro separately from the soup to retain its texture, especially if I am planning to have the soup for more than one meal. It does need a bit more spice.


Amazing! One pot, minimal prep, simple ingredients, and somehow perfect. Great texture & flavor. And did I mention just one pot?


This was terrific. I increased the veggies and stock, plus added a thinly sliced fennel bulb. Excellent!

Laura Ann

I made this mostly according to the recipe and it was very tasty - a nice departure from my standard chicken noodle. Next time, I'm going to amp up the fennel seed profile by using chicken sausage instead of shredded chicken and will use more broth. Sliced fennel bulb and/or potatoes would make a nice addition or substitution too. This soup will be going into my fall/winter rotation.


I've made this at least 10 times now - as directed and with modifications. My toddler gobbles it up and my husband likes it as long as I lessen the fennel. For those that are fennel averse, I found using the recommended amount worked well as long as I didn't crush it before putting it in the pot. If I crush it, my husband finds it overwhelming and won't eat it. If you do crush it, only use half.


Made this with a bunch of chard from the farmer’s market. Followed the recipe except cut the red pepper flakes to 1/4 teaspoon and added a lot of black pepper which we like better. To speed up the process we used canned chicken breast from Costco. After reading comments added juice of 1/2 lemon along with the lemon zest to pot after turning off the burner. Soup was delicious!

philly girl

A winner, even though I didn’t have the greens to add. Still very flavorful. Lemon is a must.




A great way to make chicken soup, the combination of the fennel and hot pepper is a delightful change. I put in extra garlic and veggies including a couple parsnips that needed to be used. I added extra broth on the second day. Great leftovers.

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Chicken Soup With Toasted Farro and Greens Recipe (2024)


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