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What are Henderson County Arrest Records?

Henderson county arrest records are documents that contain the arrest information of persons suspected of criminal activity. The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office handles the management and dissemination of arrest records. Interested members of the public can request arrest records from the Records Unit in the Sheriff’s Office.

Crime Statistics

The Crime in Texas Program collates crime statistics in the state of Texas. According to The Texas Crime Report of 2018, Henderson county recorded a total of 1,311 crimes throughout the year. Larceny was the most rampant offense committed, with 620 cases recorded and 53 arrests made. 351 cases of burglary were also recorded alongside 155 cases of assault. Automobile theft was the fourth most recorded offense with 108 cases. A total of 57 violent crimes were recorded, comprising of 53 cases of rape, and 4 murder cases.

What are Henderson County Criminal Records?

Criminal records in Henderson county are documents containing the criminal history information of convicted criminals. Included in these records are mugshots, parole details, criminal charges, and the physical description details of the offender.

Henderson county criminal records are collated and maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Documents specific to Henderson county are managed by the Sheriff's Office. The Records Unit department is charged with disseminating the records to interested members of the public.

How Do I Get Henderson County Criminal Records?

Criminal records in the Henderson County area are managed by the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office. Documents may be retrieved, in-person or via U.S mail, from the Records Unit section of the department. Requestors are required to send a written request to the office containing information regarding the record of interest and personal details such as an address, name, and date of birth of the subject. A valid state identification document is required to be enclosed with the request.

Records may also be retrieved from the criminal division of the County Clerk of the Henderson Court. The division is charged with the duty of generating and maintaining information on misdemeanor offenses. Following state laws, requestors of public records are to receive feedback from custodians of records within 10 days. Some administrative charges may apply upon the request of records and vary among various custodians. Alternatively, members of the public may use the Henderson county online search tool to retrieve criminal records by putting in specific details to produce results.

At the state level, the Texas Department of Public Safety hosts an online search database that may be used to retrieve information on criminal activity. Interested parties may access criminal records by performing a name search to retrieve results.

How To Find Henderson County Sex Offender Information

A sex offender registry is collated and managed, at the state level, by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Following Texas open records law, Interested parties may access the registry on the Texas Sex Offender Website. Records may be retrieved by opening an account and conducting searches with personal details of offenders, including name, offense, and address. Sex offenders in Henderson county can be accessed by performing a search by county to streamline results.

How do I Visit an Inmate in Henderson County Jail?

The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office manages the Henderson County Jail, located at:

Henderson County Jail
Athens, TX

Visitors are required to check-in with the Sheriff’s Office to fill in an application form or call the jail line at (903) 677-6322 to schedule visitations. Inmates are allowed one to two visits per week, with a duration of 15 mins to an hour. Henderson County jail allows a maximum of two adults per visit, and minors must be accompanied by their guardian. Visitors are required to adhere to the dress code, which states that no revealing or see-through clothes allowed, length of skirts and shorts must reach midthigh, and clothes with prints depicting weapons or drugs and unacceptable. Upon arrival, visitors are required to provide valid state identity documents before entry.

Where And How To Find Henderson County Inmate Information

The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for keeping a registry of inmates incarcerated at the county jail. Interested persons may access inmate information on the online search tool hosted by the Sheriff’s Office. Records may be retrieved by performing searches based on the personal details of offenders.

What are Henderson County Court Records?

Henderson court records are documents containing information regarding various county courts’ proceedings. The county clerk of the Henderson County Court at Law handles the generation and management of court records within the county area. Interested persons may request court records from the office of the county clerk. Charges may apply for records requested. Requests may be made in-person or via U.S mail by submitting a written request, to the office address at:

125 N. Prairieville St.
Room 101
Athens, TX 75751
(903) 675-6140

Henderson county also hosts an online search tool that interested persons can access court records with. The search tool allows the general public to obtain civil, family, and probate court records by inputting details, such as name, case status, and filing date in specified boxes, to retrieve results.

Location of all Courts in Henderson County

Below are the addresses and contact information of all the courthouses in Henderson County, Texas:

Henderson County 3rd District Court
Henderson County Courthouse
100 E Tyler St,
Suite 203,
Athens, TX 75751
(903) 675-6115

Henderson County Constitutional Court
100 N Prairieville St,
Suite 101
P.O. Box 632,
Athens, TX 75751
(903) 675-6140

Henderson County Justice of the Peace Precinct (1)
Henderson County Justice Center
100 E Tyler St,
Athens, TX 75751
(903) 677-6373

Henderson County Justice of the Peace Precinct (2)
422 E Cedar Creek Pkwy,
Suite C,
P.O. Box 43672,
Seven Points, TX 75143
(903) 432-4334

Henderson County Justice of the Peace Precinct (3)
P.O. Box 835,
Chandler, TX 75758
(903) 849-2222

Henderson County Justice of the Peace Precinct (4)
P.O. Box 110,
Poynor, TX 75782
(903) 876-2711

Henderson County Justice of the Peace Precinct (5)
P.O. Box 885,
Malakoff, TX 75148
(903) 489-0474

Athens Municipal Court
501 N Pinkerton St,
Athens, TX 75751
(903) 675-8910

Berryville Municipal Court
P.O. Box 908,
Frankston, TX 75763
(903) 876-3763

Brownsboro Municipal Court
P.O. Box 303,
Brownsboro, TX 75756
(903) 852-6761

Caney City Municipal Court
15241 Barron Rd,
Caney City, TX 75148
(903) 489-1844

Chandler Municipal Court
811 Hwy 31 E, P.O. Box 425,
Chandler, TX 75758
(903) 849-6853

Coffee City Municipal Court
7019 Pleasant Ridge Rd,
Coffee City, TX 75763
(903) 876-3414

Eustace Municipal Court
107 Edgar St, P.O. Box 579,
Eustace, TX 75124
(903) 425-6614

Gun Barrel City Municipal Court
298 Municipal Dr,
Gun Barrel City, TX 75156
(903) 887-4990

Log Cabin Municipal Court
87 Alamo Rd,
Log Cabin, TX 75148
(903) 489-4204

Malakoff Municipal Court
109 S Melton Dr,
Malakoff, TX 75148
(903) 489-3472

Payne Springs Municipal Court
9692 State Highway 198 S,
#2, Payne Springs, TX 75156
(903) 451-9110

Seven Points Municipal Court
428 Cedar Creek Pkwy,
Box 43233,
Seven Points, TX 75143
(903) 432-3176

Harbor Municipal Court
P.O. Box 949,
Malakoff, TX 75148
(903) 489-0091

Tool Municipal Court
701 N Tool Dr,
Tool, TX 75143
(903) 432-3522

Trinidad Municipal Court
212 Park St,
P.O. Box 345,
Trinidad, TX 75163
(903) 778-4545

What are Henderson County Vital Records

Henderson county vital records are documents containing details of vital events within county limits. The Texas Department of State Health Services is charged with the duty of maintaining and disbursing vital records to interested members of the public. At county level, vital records are managed by the Henderson County Public Health Department. Records may be retrieved from the department by preparing and submitting a written request.

Where And How To Get Henderson County Divorce Records

Divorce records in Henderson county are managed by the District Clerk department. Divorce records may be obtained from the office of the District Clerk by requesting in-person or submitting a written request conveying details of the desired documents to the address at:

100 E. Tyler
Room 202
Athens, TX 7575
(903) 675-6115

Requestors may be charged for the effort of retrieval of records by the custodian and also for extra copies requested.

Where and How to Get Henderson County Marriage Records

Henderson county marriage records are handled by the County Clerk department. The office of the County Clerk is charged with the duty of managing and disseminating marriage records within the county area. Interested parties may access marriage records by requesting in-person or via U.S mail to the clerk’s office located at:

125 N. Prairieville St.
Room 101
Athens, TX 75751
(903) 675-6140

A fee of $22 is charged to retrieve a marriage record, and extra certified copies attract a $5 fee.

Where and How to Get Henderson County Birth Records

The County Clerk department manages birth records in the Henderson County area. Only birth records of 75 years from the date of birth may be requested. Requestors are eligible to retrieve records if they are a family member to the person with names on the record. Other interested parties that aren’t family members are required to provide legal documents to retrieve birth records. Requests may be made in-person or via U.S mail, enclosed with a valid identity document, to the clerk’s office address at:

125 N. Prairieville St.
Room 101
Athens, TX 75751
(903) 675-6140

Birth records may attract a fee of up to $23 to be retrieved. Accepted methods of payment include money order, personal checks, or cashier’s check.

Where and How to Get Henderson County Death Records

Henderson county death records are generated and maintained by the office of the county clerk. The general public is only given access to death records within the last 25 years. Death records may be retrieved by eligible candidates such as relatives of the person with names on the record. The custodian charges up to $21 for a death record and $3 per additional copies. Requests may be made in-person or via mail to:

125 N. Prairieville St.
Room 101
Athens, TX 75751
(903) 675-614

In addition to government agencies, county public records may also be obtained from third-party websites. These non-government platforms come with intuitive tools that allow for expansive searches. Record seekers may either opt to use these tools to search for a specific record or multiple records. Users are able to search third-party websites remotely for multiple records at a time with just the name of the record subject and their last known location, including the city, county, or state. Third-party sites are not sponsored by government agencies. Because of this, record availability and results may vary.

Henderson County Arrest, Court, and Public Records | StateRecords.org (2024)


Can you access NC court records online? ›

NCAOC offers online remote access to both criminal and civil information from all 100 North Carolina counties. The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) offers online remote access to both criminal and civil information from all 100 North Carolina counties.

How do I get a police report in Henderson County, Texas? ›

You may also call and request the Records Custodian, email your request, or stop by the lobby at the police department. There is a fee of $5.00 for each report request and this fee can be paid by cash, check or money order to Henderson Police Department, payable at time of request.

What county is Athens, Texas in? ›

Athens is a city and the county seat of Henderson County, Texas, in the United States.

Is Henderson County, TX under a burn ban? ›

On Tuesday, September 26, 2023 the Henderson. County Commissioners Court lifted the burn ban. Please use caution when burning and have a water. source available and remain with you fires at all times.

How do I find court dockets in NC? ›

To access these, contact the clerk of court for the specific county. There are computer terminals designated for finding civil and criminal court dockets. For additional information, see the NC Court's page for Obtaining Court Records.

Are records public in North Carolina? ›

The North Carolina Department of Administration is committed to transparency and will furnish all requested public records as promptly as possible. Make your request as exact as possible (including names, dates, and specific search terms) to help us expedite fulfilling your request.

What is Henderson, Texas known for? ›

The oil fields in and surrounding Henderson, part of the high-producing five-county East Texas Oil Field, continue to provide a large part of the wealth of the town, county, and region.

What is Henderson County, Texas known for? ›

Cotton proved to be a valuable cash crop. Cotton became an important cash crop that settlers brought to the region. On the eve of the Civil War, Henderson County had transformed into a manufacturing society. Along with cotton, corn, and sweet potatoes, the county produced cattle, tobacco, peas and oats.

What is the racial makeup of Athens Texas? ›

Race and Ethnicity

In 2022, there were 2.79 times more White (Non-Hispanic) residents (6.11k people) in Athens, TX than any other race or ethnicity. There were 2.19k Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) and 1.92k Two+ (Hispanic) residents, the second and third most common ethnic groups.

Can I have a fire pit in my backyard in Texas? ›

Wood Burning Fire Pits vs Gas a Propane Fire Pits:

However, recreational fires in Texas are still permitted if they are within an approved container (such as a fire pit), any open fires however require a permit.

Is it illegal to burn your grass in Texas? ›

In certain instances, trees, brush, grass, leaves, branch trimmings, or other plant growth may be burned— provided that the burning occurs on land where the waste was generated, and the burn is done by the owner of the property or someone authorized to do so by the owner (30 Texas Admin. Code §111.209(4)).

How to look up warrants in Henderson County, Texas? ›

If you have to ask yourself "Do I have a warrant?" or "I think I'm being investigated by Athens Police Department" then you need to call the Warrant Team at Dunham & Jones and have them check for any possible active warrants you may have filed against you in Henderson County, Texas.

How do I check my record in NC? ›

To request records regarding criminal and civil cases, police reports and traffic citations, contact the North Carolina Judicial Branch or the Clerk of Court in the county where the citation was issued.

Can you look up divorce records in North Carolina? ›

In accordance with the North Carolina public records law, any person has the right to obtain uncertified copies of divorce records. However, certified copies can only be obtained on self or close relations. Legal representatives of these people and personnel of certain public agencies can also obtain these records.

How to look up a will in North Carolina? ›

After someone has died, the will may be filed with a clerk of court. A decedent's will becomes a public record when it is filed, after the decedent's death, with the clerk of court. Any person may view a public record or request a copy of a public record for a fee.

Are family court records public in NC? ›

Family court case records are designated public records in North Carolina.


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